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Automotive and Caravan Service Specialists

Miller & Griggs have a combined experience of more than 35 years in the smash repair trade. They have a shared passion for helping restore automobiles and caravans to get them back on the road as soon as possible. If you need caravan or automotive repair services, we have a range of available services.

Panel beating

Panel Beating and Smash Repairs

Been in an accident? If your automobile or caravan has been damaged in an accident, Miller & Griggs offer panel beating and smash repair services for all types of damage ranging from small dings and dents up to major panel damage.

Spray painting

Spray Painting

If your automobile or caravan has been scratched or is just generally looking a little weathered, Miller & Griggs offer full spray painting services. We offer a wide range of colours to help us make sure you get the perfect colour.

Insurance work

Insurance Work

If you need repairs for your vehicle or caravan through your insurance company, we can assist you. We are the go-to vehicle and caravan smash repairer for most of the major insurance companies.

Air conditioning Gassing/Re-Gassing

Air Conditioning

Does your air conditioner need attention? We offer air conditioning gassing and regassing services to help you stay comfortable on long roadtrips. Car air conditioning systems aren’t meant to lose gas. If this is happening in your vehicle, our mechanics will inspect your automobile or caravan’s air conditioning to detect the problem.

Loan Car Services

Caravan Repairs

We are the go-to caravan smash repairer for most of the major insurance companies.painting, pick up & delivery services, panel beating and smash repairs.

Hail and PDR soutions

Hail and PDR Solutions

If you have left your car or caravan out in a hail storm and have dents that need repairing, we can help. Our dent and scratch repair services will leave your vehicle looking like new. We offer PDR Solutions so we can effectively remove dents without needing a paint touchup.